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I am currently attending the 3 day training course and after the 1st day I see that it is just a hustle. Jason talks about 30% of the time about his personal life, 20% percent about how much money he, Sean and Tony have made and about the deals they are putting together and 30% in marketing the US Tax Lien 30% Diamond and Platinum Support product. The remaining 20% of time is spent on training. What a sham. Jason breezes through the important... Read more

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My wife and I attended the three day seminar for Tax Liens after purchasing the first package for $ 1,497.00. During this seminar we were encouraged to purchase other Tax Lien packages for $ 37,000 or $32,997. We were lead to believe during the first presentation that we were on are way to get guidance to get started purchasing Tax Liens after attending the 3 day seminar. We did not purchase the packages offered. However, we received a phone... Read more

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I went through their program at the US Tax Lien Association and I am actively purchasing tax liens. I have had some redeem and right now I am hold 2 deeds from from a couple that did not redeem. Your interest will vary on how high the the winning bid was and different states/counties have different rules. So your ROI will vary from state to state and even some counties within the same state. I live in MD and purchased Liens in Illinois and... Read more

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We purchased the top priced package and the whole thing is a pile of bull ***. They tell you to go through list after list of available liens but not that you will never get the interest rate shown as guaranteed on their notebook...16 to 32% - not going to happen. We live in Arizona and I spent days and weeks researching every property and the bidders who won the bids were getting 1% not 16%. Do not buy into their scheme/scam. The interest... Read more

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The one thing I got from the free 7 day course is DUE DILIGENCE and I did mine. I researched Sean Higgins and realized I was about to make a huge mistake. Thank you all for your reviews. You save me time and more importantly money!!! I decided not to buy videos or associate myself with him in any way shape or form. I do not want to regret later on spending so much money and find out I being scam big time. No thank you!!!!! Once again thank you... Read more

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This is not about what you hear it is about what you get for the value of a course that they say is comprehensive and is not. They are sales people you are going to like what you hear because they have practiced this many years. The properties I purchased did not include being helped by them when I asked for help. What I am saying is they are not there for you when you need you. All this stuff can be found out for free on the internet. I did a... Read more

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I just went to a weekend seminar and paid my fee for the three day training class. I liked what I heard and look forward to getting additional details. From complaints I have read I get the impression that you didn't put much thought into this up front. You are creating a company, of course I would hire an accountant unless you have the skills. You can do it all on your own, good luck. I would spend more than the class cost on a single bad... Read more

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Buyer beware! The course is at an absorbinant value. I really don't know how they think that it is worth this much. I paid $27,996 for the course and it definitely not worth that much. A lot is missing and they don't tell you the whole thing, learning is mostly on one's own. I could have learnt everything they had in the course online and of course would have learnt more. There was a lot I had to find out for myself. When call the office for... Read more

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I went to the presentation, bought the course and I'm a bit confussed. Through the whole audio Sean and Tony seem like they really want to help your reach tour goals... then I get a phome call with a VERY HIGH PRESSURE sales man trying to get me pay thousands of more dollars.. I understand theyre trying to make money but the sales man who called was extremely aggressive with his tactics. It was a big TURN OFF!! Read more

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On their videos the information they give you are truly facts but there business is not. Recently ordered there educational program session worth $1495 and with tax it takes it to about $1700. Received an invoice of the purchase not even under the business name. Called the company # to cancel and no one picks up. The number on the invoice gets directed to a pharmaceutical company and then cuts off. I have never written out a review for any... Read more

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