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After attending a 3 day training session which i paid 1500 for and after experiencing daily sales pitches for upgrades i came to the conclusion that these guys have a great business plan. FOR Themselves.

They essentially are training analysts discuised as independent contractors for their own company. This was evident when they offered to "partner up with students with the right deal" which means that they will finance the deal for 50-70% of the profit! So they are training thousands of students in which they will benefit from their work without having to pay them. The alternative for them is to hire employees, pay for their training, incur payroll and facility costs.

What makes their plan so good for them is they dont incur any of those costs. In fact, the the " students" pay them. Aint america great. Plus they push further training (so you can become a super agent" for up to 35k.

What a plan. In fact this is a big revenue producer for them as evidenced by the fact they receive bonus if they sell the most advanced training as confessed by one of their people.

So you conbine the training revenue with the financing revenue you have a neat plan. They are so hungry to make the education sale that if you dont have the cash they will take your car

So tax lien philosophy is legitimate but beware of this approach

Product or Service Mentioned: Saen Higgins Tax Lien Seminar.

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I really appreciate your comment. I am not planning to attend. Thanks


I attended the three tax lien crash course and I am in my due diligence phase to determine if I will pursue the basic course or not.

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