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We purchased the book and read through it along with looking at the DVD. We were excited with the promise of being able to buy tax liens.

We paid $2550 in January, 2012 and went through training with Aaron telling us how it worked. The tax liens were no as simple as they made it to be. We pad 99$ per month and were signed up for 3 years with the promise that we would be given coaching and help, once our sessions ran out, we were called to settle and pay our balance at a reduced rate. I told them I only had $1,000 in the bank and the gentleman said that would constitute our tuition paid in full.

We paid almost $4000 with nothing to show for it. There were so many "holes" in the process that we would need, four to five figures just in savings to purchase these tax liens and overages. Saen Higgins gets rich off of folks desperately trying to find that "nitch". That was money my husband earned from working 26.5 years with a company which decided one day to just leave the state.

Now we have no more savings and a huge pipe dream pushed on us by aggressive "coaches". Each time they called they would say, we were eligible for the next level of services at a small fee. I would NEVER, EVER, Recommend Saen Higgins. Don't believe all of the hype!!!

If it sounds too good to be true. it probably is.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States #962488

I am so happy that this company is out of business. These comments show me how lucky I am. Is there another way to learn tax lien certificates or is it not worth the time?


Wealth without risk ripped us off of almost $15,000 when it was said and done. Ours started the same as yours - with the book and DVD.

We spoke to someone who swore that this was a 5 hour a week adventure to planning for our retirement. I kept reiterating that IF it really only took 5 hours a week I could handle it. Well, we signed up for $10,000, of which they assured us that when we easily met a certain goal within the first year we would receive like 75% of that money back - which of course never happened! Than the calls started pouring in - first we had to set up a series LLC in Delaware for another $3000, then we had to sign up with "their" expert accounting firm which was the "only" firm that could handle Delaware LLC's and the complexity of tax lien investments, for almost another $1000 + a monthly fee.

Our weekly coaching sessions were almost identical and rarely ever showed any more insight week after week. We found the measly 5 hour requirement was an absolute ridiculous understatement. I could have easily spent 40 hours a week on this ans still wouldn't have even came close to amount of success that they promised. The tax liens are almost impossible to get, as we were often bidding against hundreds of other people.

In order to get any, I had to reduce the interest rates to 3-5% - now that'll get ya rich quick! We bought 4 tax liens and netted less than $100 profit - and it took hours upon hours of time! When we repeatedly complained they assured us that we just needed more "coaching" and they would gladly help us out with that for another $800.

The company is now closed by the Federal Trade Commission for ripping off 1000's of people and yet I see he is now operating the same business under United Tax Lien Association. Thankfully Sean Higgins will answer to a higher power someday!

to You got it sister! Le Mars, Iowa, United States #637247

I was also ripped off from this *** over 2 years ago.Same as you.Started with the book then the coaching.The "coaching" cost me[a wage earner]$2500.00!! I tried desperately just to get ahold someone for my assignments.Next to impossible.I kept getting reffered to different phone numbers.To say I got the runaround is an understatement.After all the complaints I will admit I did recieve a partial refund after an employee made ridiculous accusations I recieved $1500.00.I"m still out $995.00.I went thru so much bs with this *** water company.May saen higgins burn in ***!!

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