I found out about Saen Higgins, Tony Martinez and the United States Tax Lien Association. Through an AD on a blog I was looking at.

I just spent the last 2 hours gaining what I thought was an incredible amount of great information. I figured there would be a catch since there was a "Order Now" button next to the video. Anyway, I was getting pretty excited about the opportunities I was hearing on TLC's. When I clicked on the order now button it said I could purchase for $1600.00 (a little more than that) one time payment or $850.00 down and 2 payments of $400.00 each.

I was thinking to myself "How can i come up with the money to do this? This sounds like my chance at a serious income." then a little voice told me to do a google search and Bam! I found this site. I agree that with some devotion to learning I can find this information for free.

I mean hey they did and they made it into a business. Maybe not an ethical one, but it must work to some degree or they would not be doing it. I am so thankful for Google.

I will save my $1600.00 for my 1st Tax Lien that I purchase. :-)

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Excellent advice from reviewer!


Where did you find the info for free. An internet site I'm guessing, but which one?


For the Truth on Tax Lien Investing, visit the National Tax Lien Association. The NTLA is the only non-profit, non-partisan voice of America's Tax Lien Industry. www.theNTLA.com


Did you invest with them? No?

So you're complaining because they charge for education? Loser!

to Tax deed rockstar #854632

And how is the original poster of this review a "loser" as you like to call them? Is it because they were smart enough to do their homework before investing $1600 or because they called out the United States Tax Lien Association?

This individual sounds like a smart, logical, self-motivated person to me.

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