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I'm pissed! Listen why...

I started my journey with the USTLA just a short 2 years ago. I was weary about starting b/c I had invested lots of money into other programs before. I met Saen Higgins and Tony Martinez both only recently, the time before that it was mostly their staff I encountered. If I had to sum up my experiences with it all, I must say these things...

"money well spent", and "I'm glad I did it!". Every single person I have encountered, including Tony and Saen have been wonderful. I have had some success by following their program as well. In comparison with other programs I tried in the past, you can tell they care about their students and want them to succeed.

I find most of the negativity stems from people who wanted a get-rich-quick type of deal and were disappointed to discover that you have to apply some hard work, discipline, and persistence to the knowledge that they instill into you. I'll close with saying, "If you are looking for a great business vehicle that can accelerate your wealth in the future over the long term and your a hard worker and don't give up just b/c things don't go the way you planned once or twice... then definitely give these guys a try!", but... if you want to double your money by tomorrow and have someone do all the work for you and expect magical results...

stay away.. this isn't for you. I hope my review helped. My background...

Current active duty military, married and have a beautiful kid. I'm looking forward to a better future for them all! So it should be plain to see why I'm a little upset, b/c good people are being talked bad about just because other people are lazy and don't give things a true give it all effort...

besides, anything worth doing, is worth doing all the way! :)

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Preferred solution: For the company to keep doing what they are doing... which is great things!.

I liked: Genuine, Helpful, Knowledgable.

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Please call me to share your experiences and results. This is so much of an investment, I need to speak with someone who has made a return on their investment. Linda 2158089090


I guess "Nellie" was really "Tonie"


"doing this for two years now"

"met saen and tony recently and the time before that it was mostly their staff i encountered"

this sounds like a little marketing piece the company put out.

Why is this 'active duty military' person writing this?

He just felt compelled to jump in and write his testimonial...

"*** them diapers and them bullets... my country needs me here".

everyone love a man in a uniform. I feel safe now.

to Anonymous #1039665

You're absolutely right. It's Tony and Saen's group who did this review.

People just need to stay away from this group, they're clearly a scam.

Dayton, Nevada, United States #936473

I must agree competely with you that anybody who can report negatively about Tony and Saen must be

A) Looking for a get rich quick scheme

B) Not understand that it takes a little money and a little effort to succeed in any business venture


C)Probably is not prepared to handle the money they could make through tax lien and tax deed investing to begin with.

I myself stumbled across the site 7 months ago and my education and consistency has brought me to where I am today owning 5 tax lien certificates on properties that have a combined market value of over 1 million dollars!

While I do not own the properties yet I understand that my investments take a lot of time in research and education. I am getting a return of 12%-18% on these properties if in fact they do redeem. I owe my entire real estate investing knowledge to the seed that was planted in me 7 months ago by US tax lien association.

They have absolutely changed my life! Thank you Tony and Saen!

to Nellie Arizona, United States #966055

Nellie....could u call me to discuss your experience. Karen 520-977-1130

to Anonymous #1048744

Karen, I am wondering if Nellie did call you? if Tony and Saen do worth to try, not a scam?

to Anonymous #1103736

I guess "Nellie" was really "Tonie"

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