I just want to say that my experiences with Tony Martinez and Saen Higgins has always been pleasant. This is not a business plan for everyone.

It takes dedication, drive, self motivation, and some hard work. They NEVER promise anyone anything. They give people the tools to make it happen. The coaches, mentors, and classes have been EXTREMELY helpful in my success.

I have been doing this for seven months and I have purchased three properties, I have found investors and plan to purchase ten before the year is out. It takes some hard work and determination. That is what separates the successful students from the pretenders. You have to WANT it.

Tony an Saen actually care about their students and their success. I am in constant contact with the teachers and mentors that they have introduced me to. I are a constant source of help and guidance. I have actually made friends with a few of them.

Tony, Saen, and their entire staff really believe in what they are doing. I also believe in them. I see much wealth in my future using the tools that that have given me. You only get out of it what you put into it.

If you are not ALL IN you are not in. As with anything you have to put in the work to be successful. I want to publicly thank Tony, Saen, Todd, Mario, Steve, and the rest of the staff at USTLA for helping me achieve a goal that I could not have without your training and mentoring.

I will be taking more classes from them as soon as I can. I am busy working on my investment business and I need to make some time for more training.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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This is correct.


You mister are full of ***. I bought the starter kit and its a bunch of BS.

All potato's and no meat. All you hear is them talk non-sense and cut each other off or try to one-up each other.


Tony, Saen, is that you?


I completly agree with you .!!!

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1039658

This review was done by Tony and Saen's group or relatives/friends. I could tell. This review is a BIG LIE.


This comment, to me, serves as a warning:

As yourself, why did this person NOT leave their name?

Why would they go to the trouble to write this?

Why would they be looking up these people's names in combination with the word 'scam'?


Tony, Saen.. are you reading this?

to Anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1039660

This review is a BIG LIE. It was done by Tony and Saen's group. This is how scam pull up their ratings when they have low ratings.

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