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Saen Higgins is a scam artist

His pitch over promises a bunch of lies claiming unbelievable results

His training is awful and they refuse to refund you when you tell them that more up to date info is available free on line

People like Saen Higgins should be banned from speaking publicly

In a recent presentation he said don't call the county because they don't care about you. Well he is the one one that does not care.

The county has the info on line and free training to my surprise.

Saen is a pier and a cheat yet the Trump company always invites him to speak to us. This is terrible and a complete shame

Monetary Loss: $1495.

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #1204629

A Donald trump in training so typical of their ilke

The people that like them are liking the last people on earth they should listen to

Columbus, Ohio, United States #1204627

Probably not even their real names...is more likely changed from ??...

Boris and Ivan Putin sent here as "sleeper-cells"to try to scam and destroy citizens


I got this private invitation sprayed with new car smell and two tickets for their live crash course.They first give me two tickets to guarantee my seat but then they tell me I have to register in the invitation.

All I taste now is that new car smell that dominates the invitation.

Id attend it for fun but would I believe what is stated in the presentation?Hmmm.....

Orlando, Florida, United States #740237

I started this program, first thing he says is pay $5K for a representative to help you along, then he tells you to get a license then they refer you to another company then they request you to pay $3K to $4K for that then they tell you that you need an accountant and they transfer you to another company and you pay $2,500 for that and by the time your done, your down $10K and good luck at trying to buy properties after that.I told them I wanted my money back because I have no more money to buy any properties and they don't give a ***.

They leave you broke......YEAH, WEALTH WITHOUT RISK MY ***.

Here I am working another low paying job and paying rent on an apartment, which is what I didn't want......Don't buy into his promises and just do it yourself.I wish I could sue his *** so I can get my money back and start buying properties like I was promised.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #682269

I had the same experience....except to the tune of $12,000


Simi Valley, California, United States #606664

Well, not sure what everyone is upset about.Usually the ones who feel like they got ripped off are the LAZY ones.

My total investment including the "Private Training" was $3,500.00. I got paid back on EVERY SINGLE LIEN I bought. BABY STEPS folks. It's like saying an MLM is a scam, no if you put in the WORK (scary word for most) it WILL pay off.

All the information is free, except for a few counties that charge for the list of auctions. If you have the time to spend and an internet connection then stop whining and go make some money. Otherwise pay for someone to teach you.

America, stop being lazy and work for it, nothing is get rich quick.And you rely on the GOVERNMENT to fix your little qualm with Saen...HAHAHAHA!

to I got mine San Francisco, California, United States #739786

so true

to Gisela #854966

So NOT true! A Sean Higgins minion for sure wrote this...what a bunch of BS...don't believe their lies.


Tina R.you said you are a student of sean higgins!

I think that is great! I too got the book and the DVDs and i have been doing a lot of searching for the right info!

So if you dont mind i would like to get in contact with you and just pick your brain!There are a lot of great liens out there and i think i need a push in the right direction!

to Lance ***rad Palm Springs, California, United States #692135

Lance, it's been 1 year since ur post...mind telling me briefly what that year's' been like?


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