Saen Higgins Tax Lien Seminar Reviews

Tax lien and deed investing is a legal and viable way to make interest on your $, and/or possibly end up with a few properties if you are consistently in the game working hard. If your on the sidelines talking *** about something you obviously know nothing about or have most likely failed at, you will probably end up with no interest, no properties, and no $$. It's not for everyone as it takes focus, hard work, lots of research and diligence....
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I liked
  • Honesty and straight forward approach
  • Information and systems in place for mentoring-coaching
  • Positive attitude and encouragement
I didn't like
  • That i am so busy right now i cant get involved right away
Jason talks about 30% of the time about his personal life, 20% percent about how much money he, Sean and Tony have made and about the deals they are putting together and 30% in marketing the US Tax Lien 30% Diamond and Platinum Support product. The remaining 20% of time is spent on training. What a sham. Jason breezes through the important real estate details, answers a few questions, says he has to move on and then spends 55 minutes talking...
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During this seminar we were encouraged to purchase other Tax Lien packages for $ 37,000 or $32,997. We were lead to believe during the first presentation that we were on are way to get guidance to get started purchasing Tax Liens after attending the 3 day seminar. We did not purchase the packages offered. However, we received a phone call from a Tax Lien rep who convinced us to purchase a package for $5,997. With this program we were...
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