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Thanks for all your information about Saen Higgins. I decided not to buy their CD and listen to their lessons any more.

Many thanks for sharing your experience with Saen Higgins, Tony Martinez and the United States Tax Lien Association. I got your complaint before purchasing their consulting services and the training courses. I watched the free video and was offer to buy the DVD, access to their training module for $27 without mentioning any other consulting and mentor fee etc. That is how they are trying to get you on all those coaching fee and additional research fee etc.

God Bless you. Many Thanks again for filing your complaints on line.

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I dealt with Tony Martinez in Portland, OR in the late 1990's. He ripped me off for $4000 through his organization NASI in a land fraud scam.

The FBI never got him.

Don't deal with these people. JCM, Missouri


I have taken their 3 day class twice. I went twice because I took a different friend with me the second time. I have found their course very helpful and have found the employees associated with this organization to be very professional.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1267247

I have paid 1,497 and not sure if I made the right decision I have called the company twice leaving voice mail only; I sure hope I did not waste my money.

to Anonymous #1428510

Your "buyer's remorse" is no reflection on the company, either good or bad.

Not a very helpful review.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1210816

I have bought the $200 dollar audio and I love it. Have I started in Tax liens, not YET.

But I will. I feel people expect to buy a dvd or a cd and have wealth handed to them.

Stay on the sidewalk, I am going for the Fast Lane. Learning is an ongoing thing, thanks to Tony and Saen for sharing their info.

Denver, Colorado, United States #1197205
Yes, thank you for deterring people away from this system so that I have less competition for all the great deals out there!
I do truly appreciate it. :)

I get this mail from US Tax Lein Asociation sprayed with New Car Smell and two tickets to some wealth training program. Some crash course in real estate.

It would be a fun waste of time but would I start to believe them in this desperate economy? Perhaps.

I will keep away.

Fairfax, Virginia, United States #788218

The review is very helpful to all the consumer on line.


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