Saen Higgins sales people ask for your personal financial information supposedly in order to put together a personalized program for you.

They charge you according to how much money you tell them you have so you may be paying more than someone else.

I was quoted 3 different prices for a service which their web site describes as free. It all depends on who you talk to or which one of their web sites you visit.

They also refuse to answer any questions in writing.

Tax Liens and Tax Deeds are a great investment but Saen Higgins, in my opinion, is nothing more than a giant marketing ***. They won't allow you to sign up unless you agree in advance, by contract, to make a testimonial for the company so they can continue to scam more people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Saen Higgins Investment Service.

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:( :cry :? :roll :eek :sigh :x :( :? is what I think of this program and all like it...


I bought Saen Higgans DVD"s and book, It was very easy to understand maybe because I have been a licensed agent for 16 years in California, when I saw the infomercial I couldn't wait to get the order in the mail.

Little did I know that an annoying salesperson who can't even give me a straight answer of what she is trying to get at, I know she is trying to sell my husband and I a seminar or something, she is so annoying goingway past the close I won't even answer for any Arizona number or blocked number.

What are they trying to sell and how much are they trying to get out of me? She is so Rude and never answers my questions she changes the subject. Has anyone bought a seminar and what is the point she is trying to get to?


omg. This is the same as dean graziosi does for his real estate program! When do the scams stop!!,,

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